The Design Firm: What is it and Why Should You Care?

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The Design firm operates under the Allied umbrella to make our store more of a one-stop-shop for our customers. We have a fully accredited Interior designer on staff who we try to utilize as much as we can. Interior Designer is too narrow of a term to really identify how much Lindsay can actually do. Overall, her mandate is to create a cohesive space that communicates what you want. This can be as small as finding the right cabinet pull or as big as a project management role. 

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Using a designer has a huge impact on the overall feel of a project. Good design should be invisible. It translates your style into a congruent real life look. Sometimes clients will start with a color, a single tile, a piece of furniture and we can work from there. We work to materialize your ideas. 

Design is not just about fluff, style, fashion. A lot of people think "I can pick my own finishes, what would I need a designer for?". Trust me, it's a good idea. You may fall in love with a paint color, a cabinet profile and a set of velvet curtains, but can you make them work together? 

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Beyond the aesthetic, a designer is a practical choice than can actually save you money. We can get you a job well done at a decent price from a trusted ally in the industry. Our designer has experience working with a home builder, so she has connections in every part of that process. Whether it's your initial house plan, cabinet lay outs, paint or exterior we know where to go to get you a fair price and a job well done. We can source lighting for less than retail; over-see installs from people we have experience with; we know who to trust.

Moreover, the largest benefit of hiring a designer is saving time. You are borrowing from a wealth of knowledge built over years. You can spend months vetting contractors, weeks sorting through fabric and paint samples, days debating lighting placement. Whether you are building a new house, planning a renovation or just need a hand picking paint: Save your time, get us to do the leg work.