Pon's Kitchen Renovation

Pon's Kitchen

As much as the big projects are fun to work on, my favorite projects are always family homes and businesses. This one was especially great. A simple change of paint and flooring gave this Pon's Kitchen in Martensville a trip back to the future. We chose a vinyl plank that could stand up to sliding chairs, wet mops and a ton of foot traffic. We used a black cove base to integrate the existing vestibule and architectural features into the overall look. Black is always good for spaces that are constantly being cleaned. It shows less kick marks, water spots and soap residue than lighter colors. These pictures were taken right after the work was completed , so none of the restaurant's personality really apparent in these. I'd recommend going there yourself for a bite if you want to check it out!

I wish I had some "before" pictures, this place was burgundy and forest green with vinyl tile so old and worn it looked permanently dirty- which, ya know, doesn't communicate "we have great food". The new clean look and feel will really help make this restaurant the best it can be. I have never seen VCT worn through right to the sub-floor until I saw this place. It has seen a lot of worker and customer traffic over the years. 

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