What can I do to make my flooring renovation more affordable?


Renovations are expensive, there are a few ways that you can make the process more affordable. 

1) Prioritize your needs. Going in, know that you can't get the best quality AND the most current look AND get it for a steal. You may be able to get an affordable option with a cutting edge look, but it won't be top of the line. This goes for tile, carpet, LVP, laminate. If the durability is the most important thing, know that you may need to compromise in another area. If your overall design needs this look to make it work, you may look at options with shorter warranties or overall less quality.

2) Ask your sales person to do some parts yourself. Most quotes will include things like furniture moving, removing and reinstalling baseboards or removing existing carpet. You can save some moola by bribing your friends and loved ones to do it. 

3) Do something original with a simple product. Basic subway tile is VERY affordable but you can upgrade the look by changing the direction or pattern from the standard choices. You could use a standard 3" hardwood and have it installed at an angle. Find out what is in your budget and get creative about how its installed.