Herringbone Splash

Here is a recent kitchen we've been working on. It showcases the epitome of the look we are seeing more and more of.  I love the idea of taking a simple tile and changing the look with a custom install. It gives a human touch, an artesan quality. For a while with backsplash, it was considered the jewelry for your kitchen: the more bling the better. That's just not the case now. We are seeing more and more large format, minimalistic looks, simple non-distracting colors, textures and finishes. Simple tiles with skilled installations. That said every space is different and there is a space for every tile we sell. This is just a look we are seeing emerge. 


Art Construction River Front Project Update

Bit by bit, tile by tile, this house is transforming to a home. When we first started on this project, it was stripped to its bare sticks, Its amazing to see the skill involved crafting timber into a modern masterpiece. Even in the most modern of homes, at its base the work comes down to human hands: shaping, scraping,sanding, setting piece by piece. We are privileged to work along side masters. The progress is purposeful and intentional (read: slow).