Wool Wins

We have been working hard to seek out naturally sourced, traditionally inspired, timeless floor coverings. A carpet rep recently told me that the average consumer changes their flooring every 5-7 years. As easy as we can make the process of renovations, it's not easy. Yes, you can buy something trendy and cheap now and replace it when you hate it in 5 years: but its a hassle. Unless you love moving furniture, painting and having a crew of people in and out of your house for days. That is a whole bunch of fun "Hey Honey, let's do this again in 5-7 years". Luckily there are other options.

Wool is one of the oldest best options for floor coverings. No you can't dump bleach on it (like SmartStrand, or solution dyed poly carpets), its not scotch guarded, its not treated with silver antibacterial treatments, or odour neutralizers. BECAUSE YOU DON"T NEED THEM. Wool is more expensive, but its the best. Trust me. Most of these things are natural features of wool. For years the big manufacturers have been working with chemicals to mimic the natural softness, strength and features of wool.

Wool is naturally flame retardant, naturally the MOST crush resistant material, it improves indoor air quality, it is sustainably sourced, the longest lasting fibre, sound deadening, insulating, super soft and available in some of the most classic visuals available. We are excited to be bringing in Godfrey Hirst and Karastan wools to our showroom. Its responsible, beautiful and timeless.