Shower tile; Too Many choices

When it comes to shower tile, there are so many options. Too many, if you ask me.

One look that we have been seeing grow in popularity is a totally homogeneous look. One tile, one direction, from floor through to the ceiling gives a continuous visual, a sweeping clean look. Most customers opt for a grout that coordinates, to add to the smooth visual. The below pictures are in a home by Kandr Developments with work by Jordan Lucyk. We are proud to be a part of the team making these visions a reality. 

Price wise, this is  great choice. Using the same tile throughout cuts down on waste and a larger format tile will generally cost less than a mosaic floor tile. A mid-range mosaic tile can cost upwards of $25/sf, where as the tile featured here is closer to the $8/sf mark. Install is  a bit more for larger format floor tile, but you save a significant amount on materials.