Grosvenor Master Suite Progressing; Cabinets are IN

We are working in conjunction with John Jasken at Jade cabinets to get the custom look we wanted. Now that the cabinet boxes are in only half of the work is done, the Walnut panelling will give a big WOW factor. It was difficult to design a clothes storage for two people after taking out all of the closet space but Lindsay, our in-house designer made it happen. 

I like to think of designers like symphony conductors. Each portion of the process is individually prepared by experts and pulled into crescendo under the instruction of one person. Each part has to navigate around the others in unison. One part is ongoing while another begins. Design develops from fragments of singular purpose to a holistic harmony. Grosvenor embodies these traits. Here are some more design fragments for your viewing pleasure:

There will be more updates to come! Thanks for keeping up with our projects.