Art Construction's River Front project: Its all in the details

I have been requesting pictures from our installers for a while now. Badgering them, really. Finally our in house tile setter, Tadas Kubilis brought in an immaculately itemized and chronologically ordered 16GB flash drive of all his work. 


and. Its amazing. 


The first thing that struck me when looking through was that these pictures are an opportunity to see what our tile guys take pride in. To see what the insiders value. To see a breakdown of the labour it takes to complete intricate work. I am beyond impressed, and I think you will be too. I wanted to feature the details that went into Art Construction's house on Sturgeon. We all know it looks great. This just proves that it IS objectively great work.

The above gallery is an overview of the steps an installer has to take to do in-floor heat. First subfloor prep, then laying the heat mat, then threading the cord through the channels inch by inch, followed by hooking up the cord to a programmable thermostat, lastly smoothing and filling the surface with cement to give the tile a suitable substrait. AND all that happens before the tile is even placed. 

Before you ask... its expensive. Worth it? absolutely! but pricey.

The below gallery is showing the guts of Chameleon tile vents. Its incredibly intricate work, tiny cuts and tiny adhesive with tiny grout in a tiny frame.