So. Much. Marble.


As anticipated, we have been seeing a lot of marble this year. Surprisingly there has been a big demand for the real thing. Technology in imaging has improved exponentially and porcelain alternatives are popping up everywhere on the supplier side of the market. The patterns have become more realistic, more varied and unpredictable; the tiles themselves have become stronger, more stable, straighter, bigger; the suppliers have become quicker to respond to trends and better at making product available. EVEN with all that, people have a fetish for the feel and look of the real thing.


Nothing can compete with the providence and history of marble. It makes your home feel like it shares a piece of history. With marble you can share decor tastes with ancient Athenians, palaces, homes of conquerors. Marble is the choice of the greatest empires in history. Its pretty cool to have your home be a part of that tradition. Today, your home is the space for commerce, for socializing; your home is the space for ruling your kingdom from. Whether its a bachelor suite or a river front mansion, your house is your castle. Marble sends that message.