The Jarvis Job

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At Allied we love getting our hands on work that breaks the mold. Custom jobs are our bread and butter. There are few things more satisfying than making a unique idea a reality. Lindsay has been working with Mark and Ryan at OTM Homes for this project.

The customer wanted to remove a wall to achieve an open concept and put a kitchen island in the space where the wall was. Under the island is a statement concrete tile from Saltillo. Its a painted concrete tile with old world inspiration and contemporary coloring. We have been waiting for the perfect project to use this tile in, and now we have found it. This kind of custom work is not common. Its labour intensive and requires a precision that is not as widespread as you would think in this industry. Luckily we employ the best (Thanks Alvaro!).  It hasn't been an easy project but we are confident it will look as great as the bathroom.

A similar concept was employed for the bathroom, the tile was inset where the wood was cut away. Looks amazing. Clean edges and even height make this old house feel contemporary. Its a bold design twist using traditional materials.